SmÖrmelize The World

The Drabness

The Ödlings are about to take over the world! They pay attention everywhere that nobody has fun. Why do you think the world is so grey and life so boring? With their scrap boat fleet, they catch people everywhere and take them to Ödland.

There they desolate everyone with boredom and monotony. For according to the decree of the king, de mean MÖp, no spark of hope or joy may exist on Ödland. The only allowed colour is grey in all its shades.

Drabness is the law! Boredom a must!

The worst part: The Ödlings can smell bad thoughts and grumpiness. They cast a spell over exactly these people. This is piffling trifles for them. The Ödlings use the mist of oblivion. The power that we can’t remember anything beautiful.

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Our Mission:

Bringing much love, happiness, values and good wishes into the world! We want to create energies so that all people stick together more and the world becomes more colorful again. Only in this way can the Ödlings not fog us up.

For this we need your help!

Your Part:

It’s quite simple. We want to make the world a more loving and smÖrmelized place and show that anything is possible with a little love and compassion. Become a part of it and send a good wish to yourself, the world or a very special person.

On the map and on Instagram you can see where the SmÖrmelz are and have been.

How it works:
  1. Take your SmÖrmel (or print yours HERE)
  2. Take a picture either with the SmÖrmel or, if you are shy, of the SmÖrmel. 
  3. Post your pic on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @smoermelizetheworld
  4. Now the important part! Include a good wish in your post or a compliment  for your favorite person, the world or yourself.
  5. You can also send us your pic and include your location, your wish, and permission for us to publish it. We are happy to post it for you. 
  6. Enjoy the moment that you made someone’s day and the world a little more colorful.

You are amazing!!! Thank you for being part of the smÖrmelment. Have a smÖrmelig day and feel hÜgged.

Love, Peace, & Energy

Your SmÖrmelz

SmÖrmelize The World