The SmÖrmelz(E)

The SmÖrmelz live on a dream-island SmÖrmelz Ayeland which is hidden way out on the wide ocean. They are wonderful creatures with an important mission: to smÖrmelize the world with a lot of love, joy & honesty.

Because the Ödlings from the Ödland are in the process of spreading their fog of boredom and grumpiness around the world. How they do it? They treat everything and everyone with a lot of love and respect. That is their superpower.


Uniquative cuddly creatures to smÖrmel with


SmÖrmelized helpers for any situation


SmÖrmelize the World

We versmÖrmelize the World! That is why we travel to many continents around the world, spreading love. Always with a wish in our bags. Where exactly does the journey go? Anywhere and Everywhere! Maybe we will even come to you soon! 

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SmÖrmelize The World