About us

Halloha and Welcome to SmÖrmelz Ayeland!

You must be wondering who are those SmÖrmelz, don’t you? C’ommon, admit it. I can see it in your face. The SmÖrmelz live in the big, wide ocean, on a hidden small, dream-island called SmÖrmelz Ayeland. Makes sense so far, doesn’t it? They are quite enchanting, colorful creatures with hearts of gold. And they have a mission: they want to smÖrmelize the world and spread loads of love, honesty, and goodness. Always with a good wish in their travel bags.

You would like to know, how they do that? They can’t help it, it just happens. They simply treat anything and anyone with love. That’s their superpower, so to speak.

But what are they doing all day long? They love adventures, play on the beach, splash in the water, laugh and romp. In the evening they have dinner together and tell each other what they have experienced. Until they drop into their beds tired. That’s when they come to visit you in your dreams.

Do you know that feeling when it tingles all over? When you want something so bad and it feels like butterflies are having a race in your stomach? Whenever it feels like this, the SmÖrmelz are working and it’s not long before your wish comes true.

Have you ever seen a SmÖrmelz? No? That’s OK. Not everyone can see SmÖrmelz, and yet they are there. It’s like love, you can’t see it either. Some things you can only feel. But, if you want to, you can always be a part of the SmÖrmelz and be just like them. All you have to do is sending lots of positive wishes into the world. For yourself but it works best if you have beautiful wishes for someone else. You can do that as often as you want because wishes and happiness become more when you give them away. Start small and practice on yourself. It doesn’t have to be the big things in life right away. Just ask yourself every day before going to bed: What was the littlest thing that made me happy today?


YOUR SmÖrmelz and the SmÖrmelz-MÖmma Katrin